Recordings available on SoundCloud (

Meru: Tracing Earth

for Flute and Electronic Sounds, based on sonification of GPS data



for Bassoon and Electronic Sounds

Composed for Dr. Ryan M. Hare, Washington State University


All That Glitters and Goes Bump in the Night

for Single Channel Video and Stereo Audi


for Computer-Realized Sound


Prologue / Postlude

for Piano



for Flute and Live Electronics (SuperCollider)

Out of Volumes, Motions, Spaces

for Flute, Guitar, Vibraphone and Live Electronics (Ableton)



for Computer-Realized Sound

Still Standing Still

for Computer-Realized Sound

SueƱo Sin Palabras

for Amplified String Quartet and Computer-Realized Sound


A River from the Walls

for Flute and Computer-Realized Sound

Still, Yet, Again

for Computer-Realized Sound